Author: Roma Dark

Category: LGBT

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Deal starts: October 31, 2015

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Beau had it all. Connections, money, power, anything he could want in life. Except for a bond between him and his father. A state governor, his father has been distant for as long as Beau can remember. Desperate to forge a connection, Beau comes up with a wild plan.Jason is Beau's best friend. They met at a summer camp in high school and have been close ever since. Despite their closeness, Jason took a different path in life, on the wrong side of the law, though he was never caught. Now, however, he finds that with Beau's harebrained plan he may have actually stolen the one thing that will get him caught.

When Beau's plan goes awry in a hurry, neither of them expect the consequences that will follow. Placed on the stand, Beau must decide if he wants his trust fund, or Jason. With the pressure on, can Beau admit to himself that Jason is more than just a friend?