Author: Emma Alisyn

Category: Paranormal Romance

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A Healer who can kill with a Touch. An Alpha Bear determined to save his son. Will they clash- or will they accept their bond?Brilliant, skittish Lea spent years downplaying her power as a Healer. She doesn't want to bond to an Alpha, doesn't want to lose control of her life, or her gift. But when called upon by the Territory ruler to do something useful with her gift, Lea reluctantly travels to a strange Clan in order to heal a dangerously injured young Bear.Alpha Yurii promises he won't try and bond the Healer to him. But resolve flees when he sees the snarky, curvy female for the first time. His Bear knows they were meant to be together- but Yurii can't break his word. And healing his son, Tanner, is more important than convincing a wary Healer that he is worth the risk to her heart and body.Lea struggles to control her power, struggles to retain her independence in the face of unexpected temptation... should she trust that Yurii isn't a tyrant, but is a rare Alpha male willing to allow her autonomy? Is a fated matebond worth risking freedom- or her life? Because Yurii left out one important detail out when requesting her aid…Fire breathing Dragons trying to take over the Clan territory.This paranormal shifter romance is for readers who enjoy sassy, curvy heroines with major ‘tude, alpha males who leave their a**hole side at the gate, fated mates, and enough conflict to keep that thumb swiping left. 1st in a 3 part completed series, steamy love scenes and some language. Not really meant to be read as a standalone.For a steamy, heartfelt romance, download your copy now.Previously published under a pen name. Has been substantially revised and re-edited for the enjoyment of a new audience.