Author: Terra Wolf

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: June 23, 2015

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To this bear, even the broken are beautiful.Curvy and calculating, Amber Kelli has been down on her luck for far too long. After a long string of unfortunate events, Amber managed to find a job working for a catering agency. She thought that her troubles were over and that her life was finally back on the right track. That is, until her agency is hired to cater a party thrown by one of Manhattan's most eligible billionaire bachelors. After an embarrassing exchange with the billionaire himself, Amber abandons her post and slinks out into the dark and stormy city where an even worse misfortune lurks nearby.Bear-shifting billionaire Grayson Days has the whole package. He's driven, talented, and incredibly sexy. What he isn't, though, is complete. Although his inner-bear longs to find his mate, Grayson has all but given up on the search. That is, until the night of his parent's anniversary party where he encounters a curvy and quick-witted beauty who steals his heart the instant he meets her. Before he can get to know her, however, Grayson is pulled away to offer a toast to his loving parents. By the time the toast is over, the woman fated to be Grayson's mate has slipped out of the party and into the storm-ridden city. Giving chase, Grayson tracks the woman down, only to find that something terrible has happened to her, and that time is of the essence if he wants any chance of rescuing her from certain peril.

Kidnapped and taken hostage, Amber does her best to fight back and escape her captors. But will it be enough? Will Grayson, in desperate search of his new found love, track her down in time to rescue her? And in the midst of unfolding chaos, will Fate itself be enough to bind together the bear and the beautiful?