Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Category: Literary Fiction

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The cycle of drama continues with lows to fabulous highs and back to lows again. Pam of Babylon, the well loved series, continues with Book #11. After a horrifying start, Sandra is the only character who seems to be in control, but that might be a smokescreen. Pam starts out on shaky ground, but soars to new heights! Lisa and Cara add zest to their romance, a few new men come on the scene, and an observer notes they are all just one, big happy family.1. Pam of Babylon2. Don't You Forget About Me3. Dream Lover4. Prayers for the Dying5. Family Dynamics6.The Tao of Pam7. In Memoriam8. Soulmates9. Save the Date10.I'll Always Love You11.Beach Spirits12. South Shore Romance#13 Meet Me at the Beach June 2016 Short Stories: We're Just Friends, Julie Hsu, Free on author's website: First Sight, A Good Beach Day