Author: Stephen Bryant

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Take Back Your Power By Doing The Things That Frighten You.Discover How You Can Be Fearless By Using The Power of Your Mind!

We face a lot of foes in this world, but who would have known that the greatest foe would be inside of us? Fear and anxiety paralyzes us in a way that nothing else can. It can render the greatest heroes powerless, and the strongest of men helpless. It is a personal struggle given to us when we are born into the world, and it is one that we must continue to face as our lives go on. But it is a gift, not a curse, for this struggle is a challenge meant to turn us into stronger, better versions of ourselves. Knowing that fear is a creature of the mind, therefore it can just as well be corralled and destroyed by the mind. And by applying the strategies mentioned in this book, you will have the tools to do so.