Author: Ryan Hill

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: July 27, 2016

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Rosetta Harper and her family have just moved from Florida to a small, rural New England town. Her beauty and manipulative ways have quickly made her the center of attention and part of the ‘it’ group. But all is not as it seems. She inadvertently becomes the target of a twisted series of events involving supernatural creatures, scary visions and horrific nightmares that test her loyalties to her friends and family.The story alternates POV between Rosetta and Michael. Shortly after moving into Ashwood, Rose gets the attention of Tommy, the high school quarterback. After going to a party and heading home through the woods, the pair comes face to face with a massive wolf. They are attacked leaving Rose severely injured. This physical attack results in Rose believing she is afflicted with something monstrous and Rose soon finds herself living in a world of ghosts and monsters.