Author: Danielle Slater

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: February 29, 2016

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Dating? Marriage? Babies?
Kill me now.Not happening. Not after my first (and last) fiancé ripped my heart out and stomped it into mush on our wedding day. I’m over it (mostly).I’ve got my career. I’m going places. And the shortcut to the front of the line is by landing an exclusive interview with him—Leonardo Cruz, the bronzed, ripped sports superstar.Only our first meeting starts with me on my knees with my hand wrapped around his big c@ck. Awful disaster or awkward destiny?The next thing I know, we’re fake-dating to save both of our careers and the walls around my heart don’t feel as sturdy as before. Leo turns out to be so much more than advertised.A cocky bad-boy with a heart of gold? Who knew?

But no one can have it all. The career. The guy. The family. That’s fairy tale bull$#it.

I want to believe, but I don’t think they make glass slippers in my size.

Balls is a standalone romance novel with no cliffhanger and a HEA. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.