Author: Suzy Quinn

Category: Parenting & Family

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BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, from bestselling romance author, Suzy K Quinn.If you liked the Unmumsy Mum, a Year in the Life of a Playground Mother and Life Swap, you’ll LOVE this new feel-good romance.

Juliette Duffy has had a baby. But motherhood isn’t quite how she imagined it.
She doesn’t live in a cottage with roses around the door.
She doesn’t know how to get Daisy to sleep.
She doesn’t own a rolling pin.
And then there’s Daisy’s sh*tbag of a father …

“The funniest book I’ve read in years. Laugh out loud romantic comedy.”
“The ending will have you crying with joy …”
“Motherhood fiction at its best.”
“Joyful, funny and uplifting – I could relate to everything Juliette went through.”
“Brings back all those happy memories of first motherhood. LOVED it!”
“Brilliant...though I am not sure that word does it justice. I read this book on a whim while looking for parenting advice books and boy and I glad I did.”
“Loved this book. Was a fantastic read. Laughed cried then laughed again. Might just read it again now! Loved it!”
“I liked the diary style as it broke up the chapters making it easier to stop when my everyday chores needed doing so that it was easy to pick up where i left off.....brilliant idea.”