Author: Terry Persun

Category: Science Fiction

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A pair of intriguing aliens pull at the hearts and minds of Neil and Mavra while the government is bent on research and analysis.Terry Persun’s latest science fiction novel explores the idea of alien contact through his main characters’ Neil and Mavra Altman—a detective who can think independently from both sides of his brain and the professional psychic he’s married to. After two young boys find what they believe is a dinosaur egg, the military gets involved immediately. When aliens emerge from the eggs, Neil and Mavra are struck with a moral decision whether to allow the military to analyze the aliens or to help the aliens go free. Their travels eventually take them to Area 51, where Neil and Mavra are forced to come up with a foolproof plan.


She didn’t look back from then on.

She held the aliens tightly and rounded the corner. Neil stood inside the building and took her arm and led her to a running jeep. “In the back and under that blanket,” he said as he helped her climb in. Mavra lay on her back and the aliens didn’t move. She couldn’t help wondering how they could possibly trust humans after what they’d been through the last few days. Perhaps they knew there were good ones and bad ones. Perhaps they understood the difference between humane interaction and scientific research. Whatever it was, they held to her. Not moving and not talking, just still.

She heard Neil say, “Nice night,” to the guards as they passed through the main gate.