Author: J. C. Skye

Category: Science Fiction

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Kendall is a senior level criminology student at Elmhurst College, but she’s quite new to the art of necromancy. She has been experimenting with conjuring up long lost spirits in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her mysterious dreams and the disappearance of her dear friend, Tiffany.Luckily, her new friends have come to her aide. Jamie is a junior level student with a reputation for being a gossip girl. Yet, there’s more to this little spitfire than what everybody on campus is saying about her. Kendall’s other new companion is Becca, a senior level student with a deep passion for the darker elements of life and death. Both girls are willing to help Kendall find the answers she’s seeking, but Kendall constantly walks a thin line between telling them everything she knows, and keeping secrets of her own.

Some of Kendall’s new friends aren’t entirely human either. Ever since she began delving into the conjuring of spirits, she’s gained some significant attention from beyond the grave. It all has to do with the campus library, but Kendall can’t quite figure out why. The ghosts of an old librarian and a green-eyed woman are vying for Kendall’s attention, but both spirits seem to want different things. Kendall is trying to help them, but in the process she’s failing in class and alienating everyone with a pulse. She’s losing live, human friends and gaining more fame from the ghosts and spirits which haunt the campus library.

Will Kendall find a way to help the spirits get what they want? Is she really willing to pay the price for her decisions? Who can she really trust, between her college professors and newfound friends? Find out all these answers and more in the third instalment of the Green Eyed Wraith trilogy, “Back From The Dead”.