Author: Osha Key

Category: General Nonfiction

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Q: How come there are so many people that are trying to lose weight but only a few of us succeed?A: Some studies show that 95% of people fail at weight loss long term. Isn’t it sad and unfair?! How can you become part of the minority 5% that succeeds? By avoiding the most common weight loss mistakes!

The author of this book struggled with excess weight for over a decade and was a typical “weight loss failure”. You can read her story + see progress, before and after pictures at

She struggled with yo-yo dieting, emotional and binge eating, food addiction, losing weight and gaining all the weight back, not being able to sustain a diet and exercise regime. However, she managed to learn how to break the pattern and completely transformed her body.

After losing over 40 pounds of fat, the author Osha Key (now a certified nutritionist) is sharing her knowledge with people who are still struggling to get to their ideal body and achieve a perfect weight.

You’ll learn not only the reasons of failure, but also the solutions!

You’ll find out what action you must take in order to stop failing and get to where you want to be: perfect health, high energy levels and the new body you love and are proud of! This simple guide is a perfect way to start your journey to successful weight loss and a mindful relationship with food.