Author: Jack Simmonds

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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"If you like Harry Potter, then you will love Avis Blackthorn!"Avis Blackthorn and the Magical Multicolour Jumper
The second book in the Wizard Magic School Series
Avis Blackthorn is a good wizard — unlike his family, who are the most evil family in all of the Seven Magical Kingdoms. He is in his second year at “Hailing Hall School for Wizards,”. Little does he know that this year will be as eventful and stressful as the first. Strange things are brewing… and Avis is determined to get to the bottom of it. His trusty friend Robin joins Avis through thick and thin — as they start new lessons with the Magisteers, rebuild a Stadium and go to the Happendance Carnival. But when he buys an old incense holder with a strange mark on, he soon realises that it contains a Djinn, one that will grant him a wish.That’s where mystery after mystery — humorous, haunting and chilling — starts to unfold…It knits Avis a very special, magical, multicolour jumper that does very special things, suddenly Avis is the most popular person in school, everybody loves him! But every wish has a bite in the tail... Avis’ very place at school is in jeopardy — facing expulsion, he must do all he can to uncover the truth and save his place at school. He must not only cope with something trying to kill him, with a family member teaching in the school and his best friend Tina ignoring him but also with a furious jealousy that could threaten to ruin everything he holds dear… On top of that, the newspapers are reporting that Malakai, the most evil Sorcerer in all the Seven Magical Kingdoms is back! And he will be out for revenge — Avis knows the first person he’ll come back for — him! Read now to discover Jack Simmonds’ funny, enchanting, spell-binding adventure — Avis Blackthorn and the Magical Multicolour Jumper… "Perfect for children, teen and young adults alike, this book will inspire, entertain and enthral. If you love books like Harry Potter, you will love this!”Click buy now to read on and discover the magical world of Avis Blackthorn!