Author: Carmen Reeves

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What is autoimmunity? Do you have an autoimmune disorder – or think you could have one?Haven’t heard of autoimmunity yet? Soon you will, as it is one of the fastest-growing, largest categories of disease in the developed world. Autoimmune illnesses result from a confused immune system attacking the body’s normal tissues, creating a grave modern health hazard: chronic inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, celiac disease, lupus, and over 80 more illnesses all have something in common: they are autoimmune in nature. Many of them become chronic even after years of unexplainable, hard-to-diagnose symptoms, about which most doctors receive hardly any education or training. The fact that these illnesses are autoimmune-based isn’t even the biggest struggle: millions of peoples’ autoimmune issues are ignored, overlooked, misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all!

Sound familiar? Do you have one of these illnesses? Or even worse, are you experiencing some of the vague yet plaguing symptoms of autoimmune inflammation – such as unexplained fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, pain, swelling, and more – and you’ve found no solutions or support from mainstream medicine?

This rich yet concise book will equip you with all the tips, knowledge, facts, statistics, and even natural remedies to navigate through the world of autoimmune disorders on your own – an accompanying guide to keep you company and confidence, until you find answers and support from your doctor (or the other right doctor out there!)

Whether you have an autoimmune disorder, or think you could be developing one, this book contains all the basics you need to get through the hardest first steps and beyond – finding support, relief, and ultimately holistic SOLUTIONS for your symptoms.

• Learn that autoimmune disorders affect millions of people and are a major health concern – and become aware that doctors may be under-equipped to handle them

• This book will shed some light on how autoimmunity works, what causes it, and common symptoms for its issues

• Read up on factual statistics about autoimmune diseases: to both give you perspective, and to arm you for finding mainstream medical support and diagnosis

• Find out all about autoimmune disorders, their names, where they can occur in the body, and the additional symptoms specific to each one

• Acquaint yourself with many different tests you can request and order with your doctor, to determine exactly if you have autoimmune issues – and exactly which condition you could have

• Find out about all the supplements, herbs, and whole, plant-based, organic foods you can turn to in order to take your autoimmunity health into your own hands

• In the end, this book will give you confidence to approach your autoimmune symptoms or condition head-on: without the fear of finding no relief, support, or answers!

The benefits you’ll receive:

• How to know if your symptoms could be autoimmune in nature

• What tests to ask for or talk about with your doctor, if you have autoimmune symptoms

• Solid facts and statistics from the American Autoimmune-Related Diseases Association, which can give you the confidence to talk to and find the right care you deserve

• Which plant-based foods, supplements, and herbs can support autoimmunity at the root, holistic level – while also giving you relief from inflammation

• What illnesses are autoimmune-related, and how to address the autoimmune aspect of that illness (if you have it – and if that element is being overlooked)

• A profound understanding that autoimmunity is related to many other aspects of health: including inflammation, thyroid, adrenals, gut health, microflora, and more

• An enlightened, empowered perspective on autoimmunity – to help you take your symptoms, care, and confidence into your own hands!

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