Author: T. K. Calhoun

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Vigilantes and killers rock 1950s Georgia in this riveting account by a boy of his father’s band of do-gooders in their deadly clashes with the “powers that be.”ATLANTA JEB answers the question: What do you get when a Navy Pilot returns to Atlanta from World War II via Yale Law School? Answer: a naïve lawyer willing to take the case of a nineteen-year-old black girl in prison for homicide. Who helps him? Nobody. He has to draft his small son to be his witness. Further crimes enable the lawyer to coble together an unlikely band of law enforcement and do-gooders to challenge the spiteful status quo. Moonshine, Murder and Arson cut loose when hell comes to Buckhead.
To ‘Kill a Mockingbird’ meets ‘The Blindside'; ‘The Help’ mixes it up with ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Gone With the Wind’ takes ‘Thunder Road’ into the ‘50s. ‘ATLANTA JEB’ is based on true events and places. Robert Louis Stephens framed ‘Kidnaped’ in Scotland after the Second Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. Hate survived the war. Not as obvious as blacks and whites, highland and lowland Scotts lived segregated lives. Young David Balfour traveled among them and found good and bad on both sides. Kidnaped, widely read for entertainment, had a healing effect on the divided culture.
Jeb, a boy, narrates ATLANTA JEB. He was mentioned in police reports as an “unnamed child” or “juvenile client;” the court sealed other records and names and characters have been changed. His life was in jeopardy more than once and he witnessed some heinous things. Riveting action never slowed while he had to choose among competing advisors an opinion of how he should then live.
Author T. K. Calhoun, B.B.A., M.A., D.M. writes about true crime and the culture of 1950’s Georgia. A fifth generation Georgian and native Atlantan, T. K.’s father was a lawyer and his mother taught at Lovett School.
Excerpted eMails:
“Mayhem up the street from my home, not a typical Buckhead story.” C.E. ATLANTA
“I laughed…contains one of my all time favorite lines.” M. H. GREENWICH, CT
“I thought I could be Ida Mae. A thriller I couldn’t put it down.” E. I. JACKSONVILLE, FL
“Interesting, funny, suspenseful.” K.W. SURREY, ENGLAND and JACKSONVILLE, FL
“Great story.” R.M. SANTA BARBARA, CA
“I lived the life of a policeman from 1965 through 2001, so I can relate to police parts good and bad.” L. B. INDIANAPOLIS, IN