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Are you afraid that you are making mistakes in your online business?Or, are you interested in creating an online business, but don’t want to make the same mistakes you hear others making?

Do you have an online business that is failing, or not performing up to your expectations?

These online business owners have all been there, see it, and done it – and they have done it wrong!

Inside you will find:

• Gabriel, an e-commerce site owner, shares with us how over-spending at the beginning of your new business venture, can limit the potential of your business.

• Derek, the CEO of an Independent Publishing House tells of how he lost money by not using a contract to hire out micro-jobs

• April, the Founder of a meal preparation company shares with us how her social media expenses got out of control

• Kevin, owner of an online consulting business, shares with us how not researching his online business led to a long and expensive road to success

• Business owner Eugene shares with us how choosing a complicated platform led to a website that could not be maintained without spending a lot of money

• John, owner of an online ticket company, shares with us how his experiences with “black hat” marketing techniques resulted in Google implementing a penalty on his website

• Lori, owner of a reverse-engineered dating website, shares with us how choosing the wrong team members cost her 20% of her company

• Jessica, a successful blogger, shares with us the benefits of blogging regularly and how not blogging regularly can hurt your business

• Erica, a Business Productivity Expert, shares with us how clarity allowed her to see the forest through the trees

• Arnold, an online career consultant, shares with us how spending money on general traffic was not the best solution for generating targeted customers

• Matt, an e-commerce site owner, shares with us the challenge he faced with the development of what would become a large-scale business

• Roberta, an e-commerce site owner, shares with us how her first attempt at a do-it-yourself e-commerce website resulted in a site that lacked any real design flow

• Tara and Mike, online entrepreneurs, share how getting caught up in the DIY approach hindered the creation of their website

• Hartley, a full stack web developer and online entrepreneur, shares with us his experience with clients who get caught up in which technology to use, when usually these things have very little impact on whether the business succeeds or not