Author: Dr. D Ivan Young

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Another Chance picks up where books like, The Secret, Purpose Driven Life and Conversations
With God leave off. With a fresh perspective and a no-nonsense delivery, Dr. D Ivan Young’s - Another Chance...Where would you be without one! - answers many of the questions they left unanswered.Since the dawn of consciousness, humanity has been in search of answers to the fundamental questions that shape our experiences with life–questions like: Why am I here? Is there a God, if there is, why do bad things happen to good people like me? Why can’t I distinguish my inner voice from the voice of my fears and memories? I know I have gifts and talents, but how can I tap into my hidden inner abilities and make them work for me? As far as my destiny goes, how do I know if I’m on the right track? When vision boards don’t work; when “name it and claim it” fails; when I pray and I feel my prayers aren’t getting answered, what do I do?

If you’re searching for answers to these questions, Dr. Young’s new book, Another Chance...Where would you be without one!, not only answers those, but also answers questions
you haven’t even thought to ask.

Where other spiritual and self-help books seek to simply motivate you, Dr. Young’s new best selling book is about mastering the tools necessary for living a profoundly extraordinary life, by showing readers how to create new and transformative thought patterns while eliminating unproductive and recurring habits. Dr. Young provides user friendly tools that transcends religious rituals, surpass “name it and claim it” metaphysics, and permanently open the door for you to connect with the unseen forces that govern every aspect of your life. Another Chance does far more than give you a positive motivational moment.

Your religious or spiritual beliefs, ethnicity or nationality, socio economic status, or gender
can’t stop what your Creator has sanctioned for your life. The only thing that can stop you from
achieving your potential, is you. Once you are aware of, and learn how to use universal laws, how
to meditate, pray, and recognize when your prayers are getting answered, when you learn how to
recognize the difference between a lesson from God and your screw ups, you are well on your way to getting what all of us want - Another Chance!

You’re still here in this life for a reason. Isn’t it about time you benefit from it? Once you reserve your copy of Another Chance...Where would you be without one! you will be pages away from manifesting your destiny.