Author: Duncan Whitehead

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From Award Winning and Best Selling Author Duncan Whitehead, comes a short story with a twist........It's Oscar night and the world holds its breath to see if Sir Michael Brookes not only wins the best actor but also the best supporting actor award, which would take his tally of Academy Award wins to an unprecedented six....meanwhile his biggest fan and fellow actor Terry Sparkes watches the ceremony alone in his dingy London apartment unaware that this evening will change his life forever......but have Terry's and Sir Michael's paths crossed before? From the Author of The Reluctant Jesus and The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club Trilogy.

From the Author
A short story with a twist. Ever wondered what happened to that actor who used to be in that soap? Haven't seen him or her in anything since? Where did they go? Terry Sparkes is one of those actors. A recognizable face whose star has faded. Michael Brookes though, well he's different. A talent, a star...a great actor. Where did it go so right for Sir Michael and so wrong for Terry? A twist of fate maybe....something from their past?

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