Author: Emma Cartwright

Category: Contemporary Romance

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23-year-old Becky is not beautiful. She has never been courted by any of the boys in her Amish community. Taller than most men, plump and plain, Becky knows that she is not attractive and resigns herself to helping to her aging parents.
Her sister, Rachel, sees Becky in a different light and longs for her to be happily married, so when a newcomer from Pennsylvania arrives, Rachel seizes the opportunity to present Becky to him as a desirable match.
However, Micah arrives in Iowa with one objective: to work. Hurt and dejected due to a previous disappointment in love, he has no intention of risking his heart to any woman ever again.
Rachel sees what Micah and Becky cannot. Becky has never been loved and Micah has been devastated by love, but the two of them can mend each other’s hearts. Will Becky and Micah give up their stubborn view in time to find solace and joy with each other?