Author: Emma Cartwright

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Sarah seeks the counsel of her three faithful friends when she is torn between her two passions in life: her calling as a midwife and her beloved beau, Aaron. A misunderstanding causes a rift between the two and she wonders if she will have to give up one to hold onto the other. She can't imagine a life without the serious and tender man that God has brought into her life, but helping women bring their babies into the world has given her life a sense of purpose and meaning and helps her draw closer to her Creator.Struggling to understand how God could allow this heartache in her life, Sarah prays fervently, hopefully. Is God testing her to grow her faith? Will she lean on Him or try to resolve her dilemma on her own?

Sarah, Hannah, Marty and Eliza were practically raised together and although they are only cousins, their bond is more like that of sisterhood. Laughter, tears and wisdom flow when the four of them are together. The dynamic personalities blend in a beautiful circle of love and friendship.

Walk with the first of the four cousins through her journey and fall in love with the inspiring Amish cousins of Bird in Hand, Lancaster County