Author: Paige Turner

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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When Kate Anders mother is found dead in the bathtub her father decides that it’s time for a change. Moving their newly shrunken family of two to a small hunting cabin in Fayview, he attempts to bring about a new start for both of them. Little does he know that his daughter Kate is looking for her new start in all the wrong places.Kate Anders has always been the good girl, but when her father drags her to the small town of Fayview she decides that it’s time for a turn of the tables. When August Durant pulls up in his chromed out truck, Kate decides that he’s just what she needs to start her new life. Little does she know that August isn’t quite as smooth as he likes to make out.

August Durant has fended for himself for as long as he can remember, but when he runs in to Kate Anders his world turns upside down. August must learn to take care of someone more than himself, but when a crisis hits will he be able to let go of his selfish streak? Will he save Kate from a future of persecution and imprisonment, or will he drag her down with him?