Author: M. L. Ray

Category: Fantasy

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Paranormal enthusiast Evelyn Holt has been given a rare opportunity to explore White Oak Manor, a sprawling estate once belonging to billionaire philanthropist Mark Devonshire, now said to be haunted by his ghost. Evelyn has only one chance and three days to complete her investigation: Halloween weekend. It's the perfect time of year for a ghost hunt, and Evelyn looks forward to making contact with the spirit of the handsome entrepreneur who had supposedly taken his own life following a split from his girlfriend.On her own without her team and encouraged by Mark's aging father who desperately wants some word from his departed son, Evelyn soon begins to uncover evidence pointing to something far more sinister that had occurred in this mansion thirty years before. Will finding the truth stop her from falling in love with a ghost, or will it send her rushing headlong into those phantom arms?