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Do you feel you never achieve any goal you propose? Do you feel adrift in the world? Are you trapped in never-ending routines that don’t seem to get you anywhere?Do you make these mistakes in goal setting?
• They don’t motivate you enough because they are unrealistic and unattainable.
• They are not your real targets, you just want to make OTHERS happy.
• You don’t have clear, written goals neither an action plan.

Your true will draw satisfaction and drive into your life – they are the key to everything: a healthy relationship, an emerging business or being a great tennis player.

Discover how easily you can set these goals and make sure they become reality! You might ask: can I have a captivating life from today onwards, even if until now all I met was disappointment, failure and even humiliation?

Yes, you can. There are formulas for that, and you hold them in front of you. In AIM- Higher, Better, Faster there are 7 of the best goal setting principles. Give them a try and see how reaching your goals will be a breeze for you.