Author: Joshua Buller

Category: Fantasy

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In a world full of fantastic and terrifying creatures, uttering as much as a sound can mean the difference between life and death. Konta is a member of a tribe of nomads who wander this dangerous world, where the changing of the seasons heralds increasingly deadly creatures. Yet even in the most dire circumstances, his people are determined to find a way to forge onward and carve their own path. From the calm of early spring to the relentless cold of the inevitable winter, Konta's family and tribe are tested against dangerous enemies and hardships. Headstrong and determined, Konta sets to overcome the odds with a will of iron and grit. But nothing he achieves will be without sacrifice. Following in the footsteps of Jean M. Auel and William Sarabande, Against All Instinct is an astounding combination of paleo fiction, fantasy and adventure.