Author: Shane M Brown

Category: Science Fiction

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Everything will change after it happens. We all sense it. It's our
survival instinct. Instinctively we know that calamity is
We're fascinated by the idea. We watch movies and read books about
it. Some of us dedicate years of our lives preparing for it. Disturbingly,
some of us even yearn for disaster to unfold. Our Governments have
contingency plans. Pandemics. Nuclear Holocaust. Asteroid Impact.
Supernova. Solar Flare. Magnetic Field Reversal. Nano-plague. Bioterrorism.
They have a lot of plans. We've given this a lot of thought.
We want to survive.
But we'll be completely unprepared. We are so busy guarding against
the known threats that the unknown one will slip right through our
defenses. Right under our radar. We'll never see it coming. It's
inevitable. But it's not the end. Not by a long shot. Our survival
instinct will make us adapt. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, as
an individual or as a race, we will rise to counter it.
This is our greatest strength, and will be the source of our greatest
stories. Here are eight of those stories. Eight stories centered around
the world-changing events we never predicted. The events we never
saw coming. Eight different scenarios, some impacting a single
person, some impacting every person on the face of the planet.
These are the stories of what people will do AFTER.