Author: Phil Fogliani

Category: Mysteries

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Explore the dark world that exists just outside what you can see and thrives on the most terrible things you can imagine. Explore the unfathomable depths of darkness with four distinctly horrifying stories that delve the depths of madness and fear. Nighttime is when the darkness that is within each and every one of us escapes and envelops us in the perilous and inscrutable blackness. Who can say for sure what lurks on the periphery of our consciousness? When seen again in the light of day, ordinary objects and ordinary parts of our lives are nothing more than what we know them to be. But come nightfall, who knows?Here's What You Get in Afflictions at Night
Follow a dreamer who takes flight and explores fantastic worlds in the dark. Like Icarus he soars to uncharted heights without realizing the danger hidden in his own dreams.

Learn the secrets of a dark and deviant street vendor. In the light of day he wouldn’t merit a second glance but everything is different at night.

Uncover the mystery of a deadly and terrible childhood secret that still haunts a broken man. Perhaps he could have solace if the circumstances surrounding the death of his sister were somehow explainable.

See the terrible power of a buried ancient and bloody curse. Once uncovered it is free to exact a terrible revenge.

All of this and more is trapped in these pages of horror. Do you dare to face the darkness?

Afflictions at Night is the second book in the horror short story collection called Tales From the Tatters of Night. Slivers in the Dark is the first book in the series. If you like short story horror books, then you will love Afflictions at Night.

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