Author: Lynn Stephens

Category: General Nonfiction

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Discover How To Stop Manipulative People and Emotional Assassins From Ruining Your LifeYou are about to find out how you can stop manipulative people and emotional assassins from taking advantage of you ever again.
Many people suffer from emotional abuse and end up having their life and future destroyed because have been victimized by a manipulative controlling person in their life. Many people do not even realize how serious of a problem this is, and are unable to free themselves because they’ve been conditioned to believe that the abuse is normal and that their abuser has their best interest at heart/ is motivated by the victims best interest/ is motivated by love for their victim. But the good news is the fact that you are interested in this book means that you are ready to change. All you need is an effective road map. Congratulations you found it! This books provides practical and actionable steps that you can take today to change your life.

The truth is, if you’re suffering at the whims of a manipulative person and haven’t been able break free of their control, it’s because you are lacking effective and usable strategies. This book outlines actionable strategies that you can use to reclaim your power, take back control of your life, and heal from emotional abuse.