Author: Molly Gambiza

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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At twenty-nine, Eva is ready for marriage and children, so when she falls for handsome, devil-may-care David, she falls hard. But in the years that follow, she has cause for regret—David’s carefree personality was a thin disguise for a lazy, spoiled child.Working full-time and caring for David, their two children, and her sullen stepdaughter, Tamara, Eva isn’t living—she’s surviving. David punctuates his demands for food, sex, and housecleaning with accusations of infidelity. Meanwhile, Tamara sabotages her stepmother at every turn, hoping to drive Eva away and give her own mother a second chance. Then there’s David’s mother, always dropping by with her son’s favorite meals and some scathing criticism for his wife.

When Eva realizes he needs her more than she ever needed him, David finds himself rushing to repair their damaged marriage. Now Eva needs to make a choice—does she give her husband one last chance, or does she take their children and leave? And if she stays, will David really change, or is he manipulating her love for his own benefit?