Author: Ella J Carrington

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: July 05, 2015

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After Alexis is duped by her boss, she is left feeling pretty low and definitely NOT in the mood for romance... until a man, with cat-like eye's, walks into her life and promptly turns it upside down. Alexis falls, hard, but does her mystery man have a secret that's going to rip them apart before they've even begun?Billionaire, Leon, has never had an issue with meeting women, the issue is in keeping them. His job doesn't allow him to make any type of meaningful, romantic connections, even if he wanted to. The CIA doesn't approve of any kind of attachment, unless it's strapped to the hip... So meeting Alexis throws a slight spanner in his perfectly constructed life, until he finds out her secret. Maybe there is a chance for Leon to fall in love?Just as Alexis and Leon get to a happy space in their new, young romance, a blue cadilliac, Russian male operative and the not-to-distant past all come back to bite Alexis firmly on the ass.