Author: M. L. Ray

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: June 18, 2016

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Katherine Waring is a woman with a past.It’s true that everyone has a past of one kind or another.

Kate’s, however, is particularly tragic and cruel.

Deprived of her mother at a young age, shunted from foster home to foster home in often abusive situations, at last she manages to flee from Phoenix only to end up at a Los Angeles bus station. There she is rescued by a trucker, who, seeing potential, takes her under his wing and eventually into his bed.

After his death, she is left alone and on her own once more, and falls into the dangerous life of an exotic dancer and sometime call girl.

But Kate is a survivor.

With grit and courage, she is able to escape an inevitable downward slide, setting up and expanding a line of fine spa shops that cater to the business world and society matrons. Her situation is stable; her home is beautiful; her reputation is secure. And she has friends and associates with whom to share her life, even if she is lacking a family.

Still, something is missing. Some elusive something.

The Special Delivery package which arrives one morning via UPS provides a partial solution to that enigma. The package has been sent by a legal firm in Boston, at the direction of a Frenchwoman: Kate’s grandmother, whose existence, till now, had never been disclosed.