Author: Sharon Mamolo

Category: Fantasy

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Book 1 of the House of DeDe seriesBethany Boudreaux is tired of being a damn peasant witch. She’d like to eat, preferably twice a day. She’d like a home -- with a fully stocked bar no less -- and she’s willing to do anything to claim what she believes is rightfully hers. Luckily, the devilishly handsome Lord Aleksander, the dark elf of Region Two, is willing to help her on her quest to the top. All she need do is agree to three measly conditions for his assistance. She’s ready for the challenge, after all -- she’s a witch and he … well, he’s a man and men are so easy, regardless of race.

Editorial Reviews:

A Lady of the Realm was much, much better than I’d imagined and I really thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve already bought the sequel and read it and am waiting for the third installment - I’m hooked into Lady Beth’s world. -- Midnight Ruby, Darkiss Reads Reviews

Where do I start with this book? I loved it and it's a must read for lovers of the paranormal and urban genre. -- QueenBee, Booked Up Reviews