Author: Brigid George

Category: Mysteries

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A callous killer taunts Dusty KentIt was a silent death. One blow to her head was all it took. The killer struck Marcia Hamilton, a sixty-year-old grandmother of slim build, from behind. Marcia’s status as a distinguished author could not save her. The killer rolled her body, ‘like a piece of discarded junk’, down into a gully where it remained for almost two weeks.

This murder is the most heinous crime imaginable: the crime of matricide. Dusty Kent is sure of that. But which of Marcia’s four offspring would be capable of such a deed? Dusty is determined to expose the murderer no matter who it is. Can she do it before the killer strikes again? Someone who’s already killed their mother would have no qualms about ‘bumping off’ a mere sibling in order to avoid exposure.

A Devious Mind is an enthralling whodunit awash with mystery and atmosphere — from the message seemingly sent by the murder victim after her death, to the intrigue of family dynamics, to the ambling lifestyle of Byron Bay: Australia’s famous beach town.