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This top 25 Amazon Bestseller has recently been completed re-edited and polished.It's been a rough week for Laila Rook, the barista at Roasted Love, a community favorite indie coffeehouse that serves coffee in ceramic cups and features art from local artists on the walls.

A new upscale chain coffeehouse, Sunrise, opened across the street, and Laila's customers are leaving. The owner of Sunrise, Michael Simms, wants to put Roasted Love out of business and enjoys letting them know with his rudeness and his mean Doberman.

Jacob Weaver, the owner of Roasted Love, won't back down, and he's not being too quiet about it, either.

When the owner of Sunrise is found murdered, Jacob is naturally the prime suspect. Laila has to decide if Jacob could be guilty and figure out how to save Roasted Love from closing - not to mention balance a cute paramedic and an orphaned Doberman.

Between Jacob's mood swings and things not adding up, the clock is ticking on the future of Roasted Love.

Book 1 of the Roasted Love Cozy Mystery Series.
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