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How would you like to wake up every morning just like Steve Jobs or Barack Obama does? How would you feel about becoming more confident? How can you control the anger outbursts? How can you manage your time more effectively?Here is the set that can help you shift your life and become a better person in more than one way. The set includes:

1. Anger Management

How often did you have an anger outburst and ended up hurting the people you love? This is a book for every person who let anger interfere with their life.

2. Self-Esteem

This book is going to teach you why low self-esteem can ruin your life, how it affects your career and the relationships with the people that surround you and how you can take action TODAY to boost your self-confidence.

3. Time Management For Beginners

It’s a subject that has often been contested and argued about—how can one not know how to manage his or her own time? We’ve had it and worked around it for as long as we can remember. And yet, when you take it from someone else’s perspective, it always seems like they manage to get a lot more done.

4. Morning Routines For Successful People

This guide book discusses just how big an impact a healthy morning routine has on making and breaking your day, as well as what kind of effect this will have on your life.